Congrats to our Graduates!

Congrats to our new graduates!

We are so proud of you!




Big Sister Emily and Little Sister Quartney

“Being Quartney’s Big Sister the last 8 years has
been a life-changing experience. Our friendship is one
that will last a lifetime and I can say we are indeed
true sisters. I am so proud of the young woman she
has become and am excited to see her enter into
this new chapter of life, college!”



Big Sister Hazel and Little Sister Frida

“I have enjoyed being Frida’s Big Sister for the past years.
She is a breath of fresh air in my life. She always has a smile
and a positive attitude. I feel that I am receiving as much from
the match as I am giving.”




Big Sister Margaret and Little Sister Tyesha

Margaret says, “It has been wonderful watching
Tyesha grow up. She is a special person.”




Big Brother Freeman and Little Brother Tyrese

Big Brother Freeman says, “Being a Big Brother to Tyrese
has been a true life experience for me as much as for him.
I have watched him grow into a true young man.

Tyrese has never allowed personal or economic limitations
dictate his ability to follow his dreams all the way to
New York City and to one day become an actor.”



Big Sister Sabrina and Little Sister Jacqueline (Lou Lou)

Sabrina says, “Lou Lou and I have been matched with
Big Brothers Big Sisters since she was 10 years old and I
had the honor of watching this amazing young lady graduate
high school. The amount of compassion for others and
perseverance in life I’ve seen from Lou Lou astounds
me again and again. They like to call Bigs “mentors”, but
Lou Lou has taught me just as much as I have her.”

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