Our First Bigs in Blue program matches!

Our first Bigs in Blue matches!



                                                       Big Brother Chief Roddy and Little Brother Antonio                              Big Sister Assistant Chief Danna and Little Sister Kelis




We’re SO proud of our 2017 Tennessee Bigs in Blue Big Brother of the Year!

Sean O’Brien is originally from Bergen County, New Jersey, where he was employed as a trooper with the New Jersey State Police for seven years. He and his wife, Janet, relocated to Chattanooga in 2001, and after a few years of working for his father in the textile industry, he re-entered the law enforcement profession with the Chattanooga Police Department in 2007. He was given a “Top Cops” award from the National Association of Police Organizations for actions above and beyond the call of duty. In 2016, he was promoted to Sergeant. He currently serves in a dual role of patrol squad supervisor and K9 handler in East Chattanooga.

Sean has been a volunteer with BBBS since 2010 and has been matched with Kenneth for the last three years.

Sean O’Brien is being recognized as the 2017 Tennessee Bigs in Blue Big Brother of the Year.





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