COVID-19 is an evolving pandemic and we are working diligently to ensure the health and safety of our Littles, Families, Bigs, Staff, Donors, and Partners. We will continue to monitor the situation daily and this page will serve as a spot for resources and updates. 


We know this is a difficult time for many in our community and many in our BBBS Family. This page will continue to be updated with resources. If you or your Little's family has a specific need, please contact us at 423-698-8016 or reach out to your Case Manager. Our top priority is to support our families during this difficult time. 

  • We Over Me Facebook Page -
  • HCDE Educational Resources:
    • This link takes you to continued learning opportunities from Hamilton County Schools. 
  • Family Support:
    • This link will take you to resources for food and technology. HCDE and other community partners are providing breakfast and lunch at multiple locations. This link will take you to those sites. 
  • Financial Assistance 
    • EPB- EPB has suspended disconnections and late fees for customers who are unable to pay. They are working with customers to help avoid running up large bills. Contact them at 423-648-1372 if you are unable to pay your bill. 
    • Tennessee American Water - Service disconnections for nonpayment are temporarily suspended. 
    • Chattanooga Gas - Service disconnections for nonpayment are temporarily suspended. 

Guidance for Youth: 

Explaining Coronavirus to kids can be tricky. Below are links to some resources you can use to help you in those conversations. 

Guidance for Bigs: 

      All Bigs should have received an e-mail on 3/16/20 from our Executive Director, Jessica Whatley. You can find that e-mail here: Bigs E-mail 3.16.20

     We want to encourage continued communication between Bigs and Littles. We have created a page just for that purpose. Head to to learn more about how you can engage in activities with your Little while socially distancing. In addition, please join our Chattanooga Bigs Facebook Group. Each day, our Case Managers will be in that group sharing more creative ideas to engage with your Little. 

  • Chat via Skype/Facetime: A Phone call can keep you up to date on how your Little is spending their time away from school.
  • Compete in in age-appropriate digital games: A friendly competition using Words with Friends, Quiz Up or appropriate video games can be great fun!
  • Start a Virtual Book Club: Order two copies of a book through Amazon Prime and mail one to your home and one copy to your Little’s Home. Read the book with your Little, and talk about it over the phone. This will encourage them to keep reading while school is closed.
  • Create a Match Activity List: Work on a list of new activities you and your Little would like to participate in together and then compare your answers over the phone.
  • Virtual Movie Night: Put on an age-appropriate movie at the same time and chat on the phone (or text) about the movie while watching.

Canceled Events: 

  • Bowl for Kids' Sake - March 21st and 28th 
    • This event is postponed. More information will be available soon. 
  • Spring Fling - March 22nd 
    • This event is canceled. Once this issue is past us we will continue holding match activities. 
  • Board Meeting - March 20th 
    • This event is canceled. 
  • Bass Fishing Tournament - April 4th 
    • This event is postponed. More information will be available soon. 
  • HART Gallery Volunteer Event - April 19th 
    • This event is postponed. More information will be available soon. 
  • Mentor Appreciation Party - April 23rd
    • This event is postponed. More information will be available soon. 

Updates on BBBS Staff: 

  • BBBS Staff is currently working remote. All Bigs and Families should have their Case Manager's work cell phone. If not, please call the office and leave them a voicemail. All voicemails go to e-mail and they will return your call as soon as possible.