Match Activity Ideas

​When it comes to having fun in our community, doing low-to-no cost activities - we have you covered! Reach out to your Match Support Specialist for a personalized brainstorming session today!



  • Learn a new skill (i.e. how to bake, cook, draw, garden)
  • Work on a vision board
  • Meditate - you can find a playlist here
  • Find a cause you are passionate about and learn how to support it
  • Create a resume together and practice interviewing skills 
  • Read an article together and challenge each other to think critically about the information provided
  • Start a book club together
  • Work on homework together
  • Watch a documentary on a topic you don't know anything about
  • DIY Science project: a list of ideas is found here
  • Learn a new language together
  • Discover new career paths based on your Little's interests
  • Create a paper airplane launcher
  • Make a tornado in a jar

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