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We are so excited that you are in the process to become a Big to one of our Waiting Littles! We wanted to make sure you have all the information for this process in one place so here you can find all the links that you need to complete the different steps of the process as well as a timeline for about how long each step takes

Online County Background check

✓ First, create an account by entering your email and a password and clicking "create account".  

✓ When you are signed in, you will be prompted to read some disclosure statements regarding your rights surrounding your background check.  

✓ Next you will begin entering your information.  

✓ You only need to enter your address history for the past 7 years.  

✓ When filling in the address history, it will not let you proceed if there are any gaps in time between addresses.

✓ For instance, the move in date you list for your current address must be the move out date of your previous address.  

✓ At the end it will ask if there are any documents you'd like to upload. Please ignore this and click continue.  

✓ Once complete, the results and any cost associated will be sent to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Chattanooga. There is no cost to you.  
Background Check

Fingerprinting background check

✓ Go to the link below

✓ Select “Tennessee” in the Select Services by State pulldown menu  

✓ Click on “Digital Fingerprinting”    

✓ Select “Schedule a New Appointment” (We recommend the Perimeter Drive location) Enter the Service Code: 28TZK3  

✓ A new window will pop up and you will select “Continue”   Enter the ORI number: TNHS00398  

✓ Fill out all required applicant information
✓ When all information is complete, you will be asked to select a payment method.

✓ You can either pay for it yourself as a donation to the agency (the cost is $35.15),  or you can select Pay on-site with “Coupon Code”. The Coupon Code is provided by BBBS and will cover all cost. If you need a coupon code, e-mail (*Coupon codes are unique to each person and must be obtained by the BBBS agency. If you do not have your coupon code upon arrival of your appointment, you will have to pay for the services out of pocket or leave and reschedule. Codes cannot be reused)  

✓ Take your coupon code to your scheduled appointment (we recommend taking a printed copy of your appointment confirmation too)  
Fingerprint Background Check

Volunteer Pre-Match Training

To log in to The Learning Exchange for the first time, volunteers and parents/guardians. The title of "Volunteer Pre-Match Training" should be located in the middle of your screen.

✓ Visit
Enter your E-mailEnter
✓ Temporary password: Bbbs123

Learning exchange

Big's Corner

Documents you may need

Return to once you have completed your fingerprinting. See link below.
VECHS Waiver
These are yours to keep! See link below.
Privacy Rights