City of Potential Awards Breakfast

City of Potential Awards Breakfast

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Chattanooga (BBBS) is launching a new fundraiser, City of Potential Awards Breakfast, to honor the champions of mentoring: the individuals and organizations who are creating opportunity and impacting lives through one-to-one mentoring engagement. Because the event recognizes outstanding service and commitment, we are soliciting nominations from across the community and have convened a diverse committee of volunteers and local leaders who will be responsible for reviewing submissions and selecting award winners. BBBS will present several awards that salute the contributions of individual mentors, corporate mentors, and mentoring programs.

Join Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Chattanooga (BBBS) as we launch this inaugural event honoring individuals and organizations in the categories listed below.

Award Descriptions:

Chris Ramsey Mentoring Legacy Award
This award was established in memory of Big Brother and Community Leader, Chris Ramsey. This recognizes an individual whose long-standing commitment to mentoring has impacted the life of multiple individuals and whose life represents the ideals that defined Chris Ramsey.


Herbert "Book" McCray

Chris Sands

Reginald Yearby

Excellence in Mentoring Award
This award recognizes a mentor whose consistency, commitment, advocacy, and creativity have made a critical, long-lasting impact on the life of a mentee. This mentor should be a champion of those that they formally or informally mentor and should be a person who generously shares their valuable time to be accessible to those they mentor.  


Cyndi Allen

Cash Daniels

E'Jay Ward

Accelerating Potential Award
This award celebrates the organizations and people who are creatively and strategically implementing mentoring into new communities. The award recognizes those whose bold initiatives and entrepreneurial spirits are harnessing the power of mentoring to improve outcomes.


Be the Change Youth Initiative

Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy

Chattanooga Preparatory School

Defenders of Potential Award
This award recognizes an organization or company whose unwavering, principles, and commitment to mentoring has propelled mentoring forward in Chattanooga. They operate from a place of mentoring being a catalyst for growth in Chattanooga.  

Winner will be announced at event!